Familys in Holla and Lunde
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Holla- and Lunde Family
Contains most of the families in Holla from 1600-1700 and up to 1900.
At the moment there are portions of some families from Lunde, which will be completed utilizing the same period of time as Holla.
(The list also contains families not connected to Holla and Lunde.)

Given names are mostly used as they are written in the original documents, at the given time. The same concerns farm names. The form of the given name changes over time, due to writing terms and popularity, but different forms are also in use at the same time. Except partly from the last part of the 19 th century, the surnames in Norway was patronymic ~ like -sen and -datter. When the father's given name are used as a patronymic for his children, only one version is used;
Ola, Ole, Olaf and Olav becomes OLSEN;
Kittil, Ketil, Kitil becomes KITTILSEN;
Gunlek, Gunlech, Gullik, Gunleik becomes GULLIKSEN;
Tjostolv, Tjostolf, Kjøstol, Kjostol becomes TJOSTOLVSEN etc.
Only when we come to abt. 1850 and later, and people kept the patronymic as last name, I do not change that name.

It must be stressed that some of the links between members of some families are uncertain and undocumented, so using this site to find your roots, you should go and check the given information!

Sources used are church records, transcription of churh records by Ole Bjørn Darrud, Gard Strøm and Nils Buverud. Arne Johan Gjermundsens transcription of Probat records from Holla.
Solumslekt by Leif Biberg Kristensen has been very useful.
Some are taken from "Holla I", and much information have come from Halvor Sigurdsen, found in old records in Telemark, - concerning Holla.
Brian Langkaas from Alberta in Canada has contributed with much information about families, from both Holla and Lunde.
Transcriptions published on the web, by Digitalarkivets, has also been useful, and digitised parish registers have now made it even easier to control the information.
Gunnar Oppheim's "Nokre ætter I Lunde" and "Flåbygd - Ætter og folkeliv" - together with - "Lunde herad med Flaabygd - Gardesogur og Ættetavlur" by Olav Stranna has been a very important source of information.
The web-based Ætte- og gardssoger for Kviteseid has given lots of information about the families in Flåbygd.
Information about families in Drangedal has been found in Bjørn Edvin Holte's "Slektregister for Drangedal". "Hørtesoga", and "bygdebøker" from Bø, Sauherad, Heddal, Seljord and more have also been used.

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