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Information about Jens Augustinussen , Graver

Son of Augustinus Jensen, Graver and Aaste (Aase) Tygesdatter, Ullevika (Graver)

Decendants            Cascade of ancestors

Sex M
Birth date 10 Mai 1733
Place of birth Holla, Telemark, Norway
Baptized date
Where baptized
Date of emigration
Place of emigration
Date of death 12 Feb 1818
Place of death Holla, Telemark, Norway
Date of buried
Place buried
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        Godparents listed in the Holla church register for the Baptism are:
Ole Gravningen, Lars Opsal, Peder Graver, Anne Graver, Kirsten Ulevig.
Spouse/Partner Kirsten Olsdatter, Hvale søndre
Married 29 Mai 1765
Place of marriage Holla, Telemark
    Child Kirsten Jensdatter, Graver
        Birth date Ca Feb 1766
        Baptized date 16 Feb 1766
    Child Aaste Jensdatter, Graver (Gieddeboen)
        Birth date Ca Mar 1768
        Baptized date 27 Mar 1768
        Spouse/Partner Gunder Arvesen, St. Hvale (Gieddeboen)
    Child Augustinus Jensen, Graver
        Birth date Ca Jan 1770
        Baptized date 28 Jan 1770
        Spouse/Partner Anna Pedersdatter, Fæhn (Graver)
    Child Ole Jensen, Graver (Loftstad)
        Birth date Ca Sep 1771
        Baptized date 29 Sep 1771
        Spouse/Partner Ingeborg Torgrimsdatter, .... Loftstad
    Child Kirsten Jensdatter, Graver (Rommenes)
        Birth date Ca Mai 1773
        Baptized date 20 Mai 1773
        Spouse/Partner Isak Clausen, Rommenes
        Spouse/Partner Ole Johannessen, Røsholt
    Child Tyge Jensen, Graver (Dolva)
        Birth date 10 Sep 1775
        Baptized date 8 Okt 1775
        Spouse/Partner Anne Abrahamsdatter, Bruset (Hanæss-Tveitan)
    Child Jon Jensen, Graver (USA)
        Birth date 9 Jan 1778
        Baptized date 18 Jan 1778
        Spouse/Partner Harriet Bates
    Child Jens Jensen, Graver (Hegland-Lillejordet)
        Birth date 4 Feb 1780
        Baptized date
        Spouse/Partner Berthe Nielsdatter, Namløs (Hegland)
    Child Anna Jensdatter, Graver (Solberg)
        Birth date 30 Apr 1783
        Baptized date
        Spouse/Partner Anders Nielsen, Solberg
    Child Karen Jensdatter, Graver
        Birth date 7 Apr 1785
        Baptized date
    Child Karen Jensdatter, Graver
        Birth date 4 Aug 1786
        Baptized date
        Spouse/Partner Asbiørn Amundsen, .... (Steinsholt i Valebø)
    Child Maren Jensdatter, Graver (Hvale)
        Birth date 22 Des 1788
        Baptized date
        Spouse/Partner Benth Johnsen, Vale (gnr31-brn2)
    Child Ingeborg Jensdatter, Graver
        Birth date 20 Sep 1790
        Baptized date
    Child Ingeborg Jensdatter, Graver (Suusaas)
        Birth date 11 Nov 1792
        Baptized date
        Spouse/Partner Halvor Halvorsen, Susaas
    Child Anna Jensdatter, Graver (Suusaas-Røningen-Skordal)
        Birth date 2 Nov 1794
        Baptized date
        Spouse/Partner Niels Halvorsen, Susaas
        Spouse/Partner Stener Gjermundsen, Shordahl (Røningen-Skordal))
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