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Information about Chris (Christopher Pettersen) Peterson , Ødegaarden (Ejestranden-Canada-Port Alleghany-Costello USA)

Son of Petter Christophersen, Stanum (Brunlaugnes-Wala-Ødegaarden-Eiestranden-USA) and Anne Steensdatter, Namløs (Rognekaas-Ødegaarden-Eiestranden-Haugerud)

Decendants            Cascade of ancestors

Sex M
Birth date 1 Des 1850
Place of birth Ødegaarden u. Fæhn, Fen, Holla, Norway
Baptized date 14 Des 1850
Where baptized
Date of emigration 17 Apr 1871
Place of emigration Eiestrand, Holla, Telemark, Norway to Quebeck, Canada, and later to Pensylvania, USA
Date of death 1930
Place of death USA
Date of buried
Place buried
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Ingeborg Olsdatter Fæhn, Kirsti Steensdatter Rognkaas, Anders Halvorsen Fæhn, Gunnuld Olsen
Evje, Tollef Steensen Rognkaas.

Vaccinated Sept. 14th 1851 by Maria Heisholt.

Christopher Petersen emigrated
with the ship ?Rjukan?, who left Skien harbour in Telemark April, 17th 1871,
and was signed in, Examined, and Found Correct by Alfred Wheeler, Custom House Quebec: 31th
May 1871: 10 Infants / 147.
Spouse/Partner Emma (Emme) <Ukjent>
Married Ca 1875
Place of marriage ?canada
    Child Willie Peterson
        Birth date Ca 1875/1876
        Baptized date
    Child J.A. Peterson
        Birth date Ca 27 Jul 1885
        Baptized date
Spouse/Partner Ellen Nora Stiles
Married Ca 1888
Place of marriage  
    Child Maude Peterson
        Birth date Ca 1889
        Baptized date
        Spouse/Partner Robert Gaige
    Child Guy Eugene Peterson
        Birth date Ca 24 Jun 1891
        Baptized date
    Child Dutton Stiles Peterson
        Birth date 10 Des 1894
        Baptized date
        Spouse/Partner Martha Melintha Robinson
    Child Belle G Peterson
        Birth date Ca 1898
        Baptized date
    Child James A. Peterson
        Birth date Ca 1900
        Baptized date
    Child Guy I Peterson
        Birth date Ca 1899
        Baptized date
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