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Information about Hans Jacob Kristoffersen , Ullermoe

Son of Christoffer Pedersen, .... Ruud (Ullermoe-Martemoen) and Randi (Rangdi-Ragnil-Randine ) Jørgensdatter, .... Aarurud (Ullermoe-Martemoen)

Decendants            Cascade of ancestors

Sex M
Birth date 4 Sep 1868
Place of birth Ullernsmo, søndre Ullern, sør-Odal, Hedemark, Norway
Baptized date 8 Nov 1868
Where baptized Ullern kirke, sør-Odal, Hedemark, Norway
Date of emigration
Place of emigration
Date of death
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Spouse/Partner Anne Gurine Johansdatter, Storhaug
Married 20 Mai 1892
Place of marriage Holden Church
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