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Information about Gunder Hansen , Stuverud (USA)

Son of Hans Haraldsen, Solberg (Stuverud) and Inger Johanne Gundersdatter, Porsgrunn (Olsbrygge-Stuverud)

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Sex M
Birth date 5 Jan 1846
Place of birth Stuverud u. store Vale, Valebø, Holla, Telemark, Norway
Baptized date 18 Jan 1846
Where baptized Den Norske Kirke, Holla, Holla, Telemark, Norway
Date of emigration 1862
Place of emigration Holla, Telemark, Norway to Lorence, Codington Co., South Dakota, USA
Date of death 21 Apr 1924
Place of death Codington Co., South Dakota, USA
Date of buried
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        Helgen church also got a descendant in the `New World'. Many people from here settled in an area near the town of `Florence'. At a meeting on 7th September 1880 the ?Garfield Norwegian
Evangelical Lutheran Congregation? was formed. Among those present at the meeting were
Gunder H. Stuverud.....
Spouse/Partner Inger Andersdatter, Skibsnæss (USA)
Married 14 Mai 1867
Place of marriage USA
    Child Julia Hansine Hanson
        Birth date 5 Apr 1868
        Baptized date
    Child Caroline Marie Hanson
        Birth date 31 Jan 1870
        Baptized date
    Child Ida Gustina Hanson
        Birth date 21 Okt 1874
        Baptized date
    Child Hilda Sophie Hanson
        Birth date 24 Okt 1876
        Baptized date
    Child Hansine Hanson, Marie Henrietta
        Birth date 30 Sep 1878
        Baptized date
    Child Jens Alfred Hanson
        Birth date 1881
        Baptized date
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