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Information about Anne Christensdatter , Vasdalen (Bjerva-USA)

Daughter of Christen Pedersen, Vasdalen (Steenstad-Vasdalen) and Anne Arnesdatter, Rugla (Steenstad-Vasdalen)

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Sex F
Birth date Sep 1808
Place of birth Vasdalen, Helgen, Holla, Telemark, Norway
Baptized date 18 Sep 1808
Where baptized Den Norske Kirke, Solum, Solum, Telemark, Norway
Date of emigration Abt Jun 1846 - via Le Havre arr. in N.Y. 8 Aug s.y
Place of emigration Helgen, Holla, Telemark, Norway to Heart Prairie, Wisc., USA
Date of death 13 Nov 1873
Place of death Whitewater, Walworth County, Wisconsin, USA
Date of buried
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        Emigrated with family from Skien or Porsgrunn via Le Havre in France. Leaving Le Havre June 26, 1843 with the "BOWDITCH" under command by Cpt. Jacob Pike, and arriving in New York
August 8, 1846.
Spouse/Partner Niels Jacob Jensen, Stenstadvolden (Bjerva)
Married 16 Feb 1827
Place of marriage Holla, Telemark, Norway
    Child Anne Nielsdatter, Steenstadvolden (Bjærven-Nordstaae-Bjerven-USA)
        Birth date 11 Jun 1827
        Baptized date 12 Jun 1827
        Spouse/Partner Anders Johnsen, Biørnedokken (USA)
    Child Berthe Maria Nielsdatter, Bjærven (Nordstaae-Bjerven-USA)
        Birth date 25 Des 1828
        Baptized date 30 Des 1828
        Spouse/Partner Nelson (Niels Christensen) Kinney, Opsall (Whitewater-Clayton-Cumberland-Washburn, all in USA)
    Child Maren Nielsdatter, Bjærven (Nordstaae-Bjerven-USA)
        Birth date 6 Jan 1831
        Baptized date 7 Jan 1831
        Spouse/Partner Ole Willumsen Svombel, (USA)
    Child Karen Nielsdatter, Nordstaae (Bjerven-USA)
        Birth date 3 Jan 1833
        Baptized date 13 Jan 1833
    Child Jens Nielsen, Bjærven (USA)
        Birth date 13 Mar 1835
        Baptized date 22 Mar 1835
    Child Nelle Christine Nielsdatter, Bjerven
        Birth date 15 Feb 1837
        Baptized date 5 Mar 1837
Spouse/Partner Anders Gundersen, Gjeddeboen (Bjerva-USA)
Married 4 Okt 1838
Place of marriage Holla, Telemark, Norway
    Child Gunder Andersen, Bjærven (USA)
        Birth date 4 Mai 1839
        Baptized date 20 Mai 1839
    Child Christen Andersen, Bjærven (USA)
        Birth date 11 Okt 1841
        Baptized date 14 Nov 1841
    Child Aaste Kirstine Andersdatter, Bjærven
        Birth date 19 Mar 1844
        Baptized date 8 Apr 1844
    Child Niels Andersen, Bjærven (USA)
        Birth date 24 Mar 1846
        Baptized date 13 Apr 1846
    Child Niels Gunderson
        Birth date 12 Feb 1849
        Baptized date
    Child Carl Gunderson
        Birth date 14 Feb 1851
        Baptized date
    Child Anne Kirstine Gunderson
        Birth date 11 Sep 1854
        Baptized date
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