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Information about Gullik Gundersen , Brænne (Sannæs-USA)

Son of Gunder Gulliksen, Apalnes (Sannes) and Anne Nielsdatter, Hoxodde (Brænne-Sannes-USA)

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Sex M
Birth date 12 Aug 1856
Place of birth Brenne, Valebø, Holla, Telemark, Norway
Baptized date 7 Sep 1856
Where baptized Romnes kirke, Holla, Telemark, Norway
Date of emigration 8 Mar 1882
Place of emigration Holla, Telemark, Norway to Chicago, Ill./Michigan, USA.
Date of death 24 Aug 1945
Place of death Brander Township, Bottineau Co., North Dakota, USA
Date of buried
Place buried Betania Cemetery, Brander Township, Bottineau Co., North Dakota, USA
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        Gullick Gunderson (will be referred to as Gus Gunderson)
b. August 12, 1856 - Holden Parish, Telemark, Norway
parents - Anne Nilsdatter and Gunder Gullickson Sannes
imm. - 1882 ; went to Michigan for 2 years, then to Hunter, North Dakota; then in 1900
homesteaded in Brander Township. Gus was a blacksmith. He worked at a blacksmith shop about 1
mile from his homestead at L. Gravely's farmsite. Gravely also had a store/post office that
Gus helped run. Gravely moved away from Brander in 1905, giving the store/post office to Gus.
In 1906 Gus moved this building to Betania Cemetery site and it became the Betania Lutheran
Church. Gus moved to Marie Jensen's farm and lived there and also at Auran's.
d. August 24, 1945 of old age and anemia; buried in Betania Cemetery, Brander Township
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