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Information about Trygve Kristensen Aadna , (USA)

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Sex M
Birth date 26 Mar 1876
Place of birth Melum, Solum i Telemark, Norway
Baptized date
Where baptized USA
Date of emigration 18 Mai 1907
Place of emigration Melum, Solum i Telemark, Norway to Minnesota, USA
Date of death
Place of death
Date of buried
Place buried
Additional information
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Spouse/Partner Berha Marie A. Klovdal, (USA)
Place of marriage  
    Child Astrid Aadna
        Birth date 5 Jun 1897
        Baptized date
        Spouse/Partner nn Pickering
    Child Sverre Aadna
        Birth date 6 Mai 1901
        Baptized date
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