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Information about Karen Andrea Andersdatter , Kiosvig

Daughter of Anders Anundsen, Brenne (Rugla-lille Kiosvig-Opsahl-Kiosvig) and Anna Gulliksdatter, Lunde (Rugla-lille Kiosvig-Opsahl-Kiosvig-Brudeskjær)

Decendants            Cascade of ancestors

Sex F
Birth date 29 Sep 1822
Place of birth Valebø, Holla i Telemark, Norway
Baptized date
Where baptized
Date of emigration Mai 1846
Place of emigration Valebø, Holla i Telemark, Norway to USA
Date of death
Place of death USA
Date of buried
Place buried
Additional information
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Spouse/Partner Ole Hansen, Tangen
Place of marriage Otsego Twp., Colombia Co., Wisconsin, USA
    Child Anne Hanson
        Birth date Ca 1849
        Baptized date
    Child Laura Hanson
        Birth date 2 Okt 1853
        Baptized date
    Child Karen Andrea Hanson
        Birth date 18 Mai 1856
        Baptized date
    Child Hans Andreas Hanson
        Birth date 20 Jul 1859
        Baptized date
    Child Anders Hanson
        Birth date 18 Nov 1861
        Baptized date
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