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Information about Thyge Andersen , Rugla (Kiosvig)

Son of Anders Anundsen, Brenne (Rugla-lille Kiosvig-Opsahl-Kiosvig) and Anna Gulliksdatter, Lunde (Rugla-lille Kiosvig-Opsahl-Kiosvig-Brudeskjær)

Decendants            Cascade of ancestors

Sex M
Birth date Ca 1817/1819
Place of birth Rugla u. Omdal, Solum, Telemark, Norway
Baptized date
Where baptized
Date of emigration
Place of emigration
Date of death
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Date of buried
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        !BIRTH: 1865 and 1875 census of Skien.  1865 census shows birth in Solum and 1875 census shows birth in Skien.

OCCUPATION:  Master sawmiller

RELIGION:  Dissenter

NOTE: Andrew Thygesen stated during an interview in April 1993 that Thyge was
named Kjoebmand A. Thygesen who died on 24 Feb 1913.  This information does
correspond to known information and further clarification will have to be
Spouse/Partner Kirsten Knudsdatter, Goupaasen
Married 3 Feb 1852
Place of marriage Skien, Telemark, Norway
    Child Anne Kirstine Tygesdatter
        Birth date Ca 1854
        Baptized date
    Child Anders Tygesen
        Birth date Ca 1857
        Baptized date
    Child Carl Johan Tygesen
        Birth date Ca 1859
        Baptized date
        Spouse/Partner Elise Mathilde Landgraff
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