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Information about Gullik Torgrimsen , Lunde (USA) (Tvilling-Twin)

Son of Torgrim Gulliksen, Sannæs (Lunde) and Kjersti Augustinusdatter, Lunde (Graver-Lunde)

Decendants            Cascade of ancestors

Sex M
Birth date 6 Feb 1824
Place of birth øvre Lunde, Valebø, Holla, Telemark, Norway
Baptized date 15 Feb 1824
Where baptized Den Norske Kirke, Holla, Holla, Telemark, Norway
Date of emigration Abt Jun 1846, with "Bowditch" und. Capt. Jacob Pik
Place of emigration Holla, Telemark, Norway, from Le Havre in France June 26, - arr. New York Aug. 8 1846 and to Heart Prairie, Walworth Co.
Date of death 7 Mar 1893
Place of death Dodgeville Township, Iowa Co., Wisconsin, USA
Date of buried
Place buried Rock Church Cemetery, Dodgeville Township, Iowa Co., Wisconsin, USA
Occupation Skredder, Tailor
Additional information
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Spouse/Partner Gunnil Arnesdatter, Galten (Wale-Lunde-USA)
Married 30 Des 1844
Place of marriage  
    Child Gunnild Kirstine Gulliksdatter, Lunde (USA)
        Birth date 20 Jul 1845
        Baptized date 27 Jul 1845
        Spouse/Partner Augustinus Olsen, Pladsen (Boerstad-Graverpladsen-USA)
    Child Thorn Gullickson
        Birth date 5 Mai 1848
        Baptized date
    Child Mary Ann Gullickson
        Birth date Ca 1852
        Baptized date
    Child Christiana Gullickson
        Birth date
        Baptized date
    Child Arnold Gullickson
        Birth date Ca 1854
        Baptized date
    Child Abraham Gullickson
        Birth date Ca 1861
        Baptized date
    Child George L Gullickson
        Birth date Ca 1872
        Baptized date
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