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Information about Anna Tronsdatter , Saug

Daughter of Tron Tjostolvsen, Hotved (Kaasa) and Kirsten Pedersdatter, Heisholt

Decendants            Cascade of ancestors

Sex F
Birth date Ca 1711
Place of birth Holla, Telemark, Norway
Baptized date
Where baptized
Date of emigration
Place of emigration
Date of death 1782
Place of death Holla, Telemark, Norway
Date of buried
Place buried
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        Death 1782: 71 years and 25 weeks old.
Spouse/Partner Mogens Olsen, Kaasen *Se Notes
Married Trolovet des 1736
Place of marriage Ulefoss, Holla i Telemark, Norway
    Child Clemet Mogensen, Kaasen
        Birth date 1737
        Baptized date 1737
    Child Kiøstol Mogensen, Kaasen
        Birth date 1738
        Baptized date 1738
    Child Tron Mogensen, Kaasen
        Birth date 1740
        Baptized date 1740
        Spouse/Partner Maren Pedersdatter, Graver (Aamtvedt-Kaasen-Berget)
    Child Ingeborg Mogensdatter, Kaasen (Aamtvedt)
        Birth date 1742
        Baptized date
        Spouse/Partner Jens Pedersen, Graver (Aamtvedt)
    Child Kirsten Mogensdatter, Kaasen
        Birth date Ca 18 Jan 1746
        Baptized date 1746
    Child Ole Mogensen, Kaasen
        Birth date 1748
        Baptized date 1748
        Spouse/Partner Berthe Andersdatter, Tofte (Wærket)
    Child Sara Mogensdatter, Kaasen
        Birth date 1752
        Baptized date 1752
    Child Clemet Mogensen, Kaasen (Ugge-Røsland)
        Birth date 1753
        Baptized date 1753
        Spouse/Partner Tharan Halvorsdatter, Hegland (Ugge-Røsland)
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