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Information about Ola Augustinussen , Graver (Graverpladsen-Boerstad-Graverpladsen-USA)

Son of Augustinus Jensen, Graver and Anna Pedersdatter, Fæhn (Graver)

Decendants            Cascade of ancestors

Sex M
Birth date 3 Mar 1811
Place of birth Graver, Valebø, Holla, Telemark, Norway
Baptized date
Where baptized
Date of emigration 15 Apr 1862
Place of emigration Valebø, Holla, Telemark, Norway to USA
Date of death
Place of death USA
Date of buried
Place buried
Occupation Gaardmand
Additional information
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        According to the marriage record, when Ole married Karen Pedersdr on 11Sept 1836, he was 25 years old and Karen was 19.

Barn of Ole og Karen:
Anne Maria OLESDATTER, (Birth Date: 31 May 1837)
Karen Andrea OLESDATTER(Birth D.:11 Nov 1839)
Augustinus OLESEN, (Birth Date: 6 Mar 1842)
Kirsti OLESDATTER, (Birth Date: 13 Oct 1844)

g. 2. g. m. Anne Margrethe Nilsdatter (1825 - )
Barn of Ole og Anne:
Karen Kirsti Olsdatter (21.01.1850 - )
Anne Kirstine Olsdatter (10.02.1852 - )
Nils Olsen  (23.04.1854 - )
Carl Olsen  (10.02.1860 - )

In 15 April 1862, Ole and Anne Graver immigrated to the USA, and thefollowing children went
with them:

Karen Andrea Olesdatter
Augustinus Olesen
and all four children from the second marriage.
Spouse/Partner Karen Pedersdatter, Omtved (Graver-Graverpladsen-Boerstad-Graverpladsen)
Married 11 Sep 1836
Place of marriage Holden kirke, Holla, Telemark, Norway
    Child Anne Maria Olsdatter, Graver (Graverplassen-Omtvedt)
        Birth date 31 Mai 1837
        Baptized date 18 Jun 1837
        Spouse/Partner Tron Christensen, Holla (Daxrud-Moen-Bø)
    Child Karen Andrea Olsdatter, Graverpladsen (Boerstad-Graverpladsen-USA)
        Birth date 11 Nov 1839
        Baptized date 24 Nov 1839
    Child Augustinus Olsen, Pladsen (Boerstad-Graverpladsen-USA)
        Birth date 6 Mar 1842
        Baptized date 13 Mar 1842
        Spouse/Partner Gunnild Kirstine Gulliksdatter, Lunde (USA)
    Child Kirsti Olsdatter, Boerstad
        Birth date 13 Okt 1844
        Baptized date 27 Okt 1844
Spouse/Partner Anne Margrethe Nielsdatter, Bergene (Graver-USA)
Married 23 Nov 1849
Place of marriage Romnes kirke, Holla, Telemark, Norway
    Child Karen Kirsti Olsdatter, Graver (USA)
        Birth date 21 Jan 1850
        Baptized date
    Child Anne Kirstine Olsdatter, Graver (USA)
        Birth date 10 Feb 1852
        Baptized date
    Child Niels Olsen, Graver (USA)
        Birth date 23 Apr 1854
        Baptized date
    Child Carl Olsen, Graver (USA)
        Birth date 10 Feb 1860
        Baptized date
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